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Christmas Gift 2: Kinky Christmas
 Title:Kinky Christmas
Pairing: Hyukhae
Rating: NC17
Chapter: oneshot
Disclaimer: Nope, I don't own any of the characters..just the plot
warning: fluffiness on chrismast
Summary: What happens DOnghae gets kinky for his husband,?

a/m: this is dedicated to bff makyu  for being nice to me and accepting me! love ya..of course to my readers too!

this is second gifts for Christmas... i will continue with my other fics after my gifts for you all are you all

Donghae is waiting for his husband to comeback from work. His lover is currently stuck in a business meeting and since he works at his own dancing studio that both of them owned, he got to be back home earlier. He had prepared a lot to welcome his tired and hardworking husband from work tonight on Christmas Eve. Well, he is supposed to be angry at his husband for working on Christmas Eve but he cant helped it, he love the guy so much and his husband is working for their sake too right. Besides, his husband is always romantic and rarely misses their time together for works. Only for terrible emergencies like tonight he will though. So he will make sure, his husband is well treated.

He prepares a andle light dinners with strawberry cakes that his husband adored so much, a champagne, whipped cream and a dim and aromatic strawberry scented candles. He set up the table in the middle of their room with the lights switch off. He makes sure that the air conditioner is switched on and their bed is fills with rose petals.

Then, after setting them up, he went to take a shower. After that, he decided to run through his closet for an outfit that he brought for special occasions like tonight. He is wearing a tight black speedo, with a transparent black thin shirt that exposed his body and covers his lower body till the part above the knees. Thus exposing his undergarment too and he is wearing a slight make up to make his face more appealing for tonight

After getting all of those stuff ready, he checked his watch and right on time, his husband came home just 15 minutes before Christmas. The moment his husband came into their room since his wife is missing downstairs, his jaw literally dropped at the sight. Well, scratch the romantic set up of the candle light dinner and the roses. His eyes are only staring at his sexy and arousing wife that is lying in bed spreading his legs towards him. Before he could pounce on his wife, he is stopped by Donghae.

“No hyukkie! Dinner first and save sex for later”

“Awwwwwwwwww! But my monkey is awake! And it is eager to met your fishy together with its friend, the tight forever virgin sucking hole”

“Hyuk! Stop the nonsense or you will sleep on the couch tonight and your monkey will not be going on a date with his fish!” Eunhyuk complied and both of them have a nice romantic dinner while taking and spending quality time together as usual. Luckily for Eunhyuk, his wife decided to wear a bathrobe to cover himself preventing himself from being molested by his own husband.

“Sorry bb...”


“Ermm! Working on Christmas eve...”

“Its are needed and I totally understand. Besides , at least we still had our Christmas eve dinner and spend time together for Christmas. You are not working tomorrow right? RIGHT!?”

“Right! Right!”

“And at least I am given a chance to plan something for us…”

“Planned something?”

Without replying his husband reply, DOnghae stood up and strips himself out of his bathrobe revealing himself again to his husband. He walks towards the bed and threw himself on it again spreading his legs wide for his husband to see. He rubs his erection under the tight Speedo which in time is getting bigger and harder, making it bulged out. His husband just had his jaw dropped again, his eyes widen and his monkey getting hard. Donghae rubs his nipple through his thin shirt and he moaned by the friction.

Those moans make his husband snapped from his drooling and he immediately stood up and marched towards his wife while stripping himself. Before he could jump onto his wife, he is stripped out all off his clothes revealing his proud erection that is leaking to his wife that is currently blushing.

“Aww hae! Why are u blushing? You have seen it numerous times and you the one being naughty today”

“Well! Ermm! I decided to give you something in return for your hard work, something that can relaxes you and make you feel lots of pleasure which I am sure I am the only capable of”

“Ermm! Hae! Damn your right and thank you! But you are making me hornier each second.”

Eunhyuk pounces on top of his wife and kisses him passionately and rough. He licks his bottom lips to ask for permission to enter his mouth and when he succeeded he ravish the hot cavern. After that, he proceed into sucking and kissing, moving downwards towards his chin, then his necks and when he reaches his chest, he ripped open the latter thin shirt which he gains a cute whine because it cost a lot but then againthey are stinking rich so it doesn’t matter.

Eunhyuk rubs both of his wife nipples and he was just about to ravish his wife member when donghae stops him.

“It is supposed to be me whom that will pleasure you”

“Its ok baby…’

“Nope!” donghae flips his husband and now he is on top. He reached down for his tools and suddenly his husband is handcuffed.

“Hey! What the big deal? Oh! You are being kinky! I like it!!”

Then, donghae immediately engulfs the other member instead of replying his husband remarks and that makes eunhyuk arch in pleasure. He sucks and licks which make the other arched in pleasure. He even had to hold his husband hips to prevent himself from being face fuck. After some time, Eunhyuk came into his wifemouth which makes the latter to swallow his seeds.

Donghae then takes off his Speedo in front of his husband and that makes his erection grew hard again. Then, he went to get some of the left over strawberry cake and that makes his husband confused. Then the next move makes eunhyuk even hornier because instead of using lube, he smudges the cake onto his hole and sprays whipped cream on to it to. He moves closer to his husband and then he raises himself higher making his stuffed hole on top of his husband face that is sitting on the bed, handcuffed.

“Omg! Slutty baby! And I absolutely love it!”

“Lick it baby! Eat my hole and the strawberry! Your two most favorite food to devour”

Then. Without wasting time, he lowers his hole to let his husband eat his hole. Eunhyuk licks and sucks his hole with his tongue to prepare him.

“Arggghhhh! Hyuk! More”

“Ermmm” was the only reply.

Then, when he is ready, he lowers his hole on to his husband member just after rubbing his husband member with whipped cream too. He moves his hips lower fast and that make his husband cock enter him deep and hitting his sweet spot instantly. That make both of them moaned each other name loudly. Then. After taking time adjusting, DOnghae rides his husband member making both let out curses of moans and groans. They even share hot kisses while riding and thursting. Donghae pumps his member with one hand and the other hand play with his husband nipples. They continue to ride each other hard and fast.

“Ahh! Hae! Such a slut! Fucking tight! Fucking virgin tight! Ah! “

“Arhh! Ohh! Ermm! I l-l-o-ove you”

“Me too baby! M-m-e too!! Argh! Ermm baby”

Then, after thrust after thrust, both of them reach their climax with hae releasing on his husband with some on latter neck and face while eunhyuk released himself inside his wife which make him groan. Donghae releases his husband handcuffed and the moment he did Eunhyuk now back in charge flips them over now with him on top while his member is still inside of his wife.

“Omg! I love you so much baby! It is very hot and fucking sexy! I love you so so much”

“Your welcome. Now, are you finally feeling relax after those tiring works?did It work? Did I relieve you of your stress and tiredness. I love you more”

“Yes baby. You definitely did! And well, if this what I got for working overtime, I going to do it more often”

“Yah! Don’t you dare?” he hit his husband chest playfully.

“Kidding honey” he kisses those thins lips. Then gives few him pecks on the lips. After some time in silence and staring at each other eyes, Donghae groaned and he remembers something.

“Ermm hyuk?”

“Now I know why I still feel so hot. You still inside of me aren’t you. Can you take it out?”

“No can do!”

“Why????!” he pouted and frowned

“Ermm! Well, I am hard again and I think it is my turn to return the pleasure. I am thinking 10 rounds. “

“Omg! Are you crazy..!`Sigh`` this is going to be a long night”

“Hehehe!indeed! And I know you want it too! You cannot resist me and my great energy in bed. I Love you so much and merry Christmas baby!”

“Witty husband! Narcissist much!! Love you too hyukkie and merry Christmas….arhhhhhhhhhh!” DOnghae is cut off when his husband pounces inside of him hard and fast again.

A/n: 1. important! click it if you dont want to be confused and if you do ,dont blame

2.MY second Christmas GIFTS !SOrry if this is a failed. i wrote this at 1 am int her morning and in one hour plus only..

3.comments are loved from old,new and silent readers.


MY SPOT!!!!^^

I'll comment after dinner
Love you~


HAE is so kinky!!! O/////O
and STRAWBERRY instead of lube??? O_O
OMG~ *faints*

And OMG~
10 rounds??? O_O
Poor Donghae.. he will feel so sore tomorrow!!
And hyukkie is such a perv.. he's monkey is awake!!^^

They're are such an ADORABLE married couple!!!
But they're both PERVERTS!!! XDDDD

Thanks soooooo much bb~ for dedicating this fic to me!!
I love you~
Thanks my bff!! ♥
oh yeah... Love you THE most!!

*huuuuugs you and gives you lots of kisses*
Sherry = awesome writer!!!

omg omg omg OMMGGG SHERRY-CHAN! THIS IS SO KINKY! LOLOL. And you only wrote it in a hour?! Why so nervous?! IT WAS AWESOME! :DDDDDDD

But my monkey is awake! And it is eager to met your fishy together with its friend, the tight forever virgin sucking hole”

“Hyuk! Stop the nonsense or you will sleep on the couch tonight and your monkey will not be going on a date with his fish!”

LOLLLLL at that part! The lil monkey and fishy are SOOOOoo wide awake!!!!

OMG OMG Strawberry and whipped cream?! LMAO Sherry-chan, you have such creative imagination! XDDD

And I can't believe I was chatting with you while you were writing THIS! XDDD

Strawberry.. Strawberryyyy...
Strawberry in everywhere... Even at hae's hole.. *drools*
Damn.. I want strawberry cake now.. >.<

Omoooo.. Idk that whipped cream will be more interisting when Hae using that..
Haeeee.. Can I lick u too??? Omoo.. My pervy mind.. Nooo.. Its not good..
Whoaaaa!! Why I feel this's mooore hot that before... *I love kinky!Hae*

Thanks for this Babbyyyy!!! U know ur the awesome writer now!!
And I'm so proud of u!!! >.<
Keep Hwaiting baby..
Will be waiting for next gift..
☆*:.。. o(≧▽≦)o .。.:*☆

Sherbear~ okay i love this, its so dirty. Kyaaa and it even has cake *blushes* you are seriously too good at writing smut. i love you <3

hehehe! hye unnie! wow! chinja? *blushes* thanks! love ya moreeeeeeeeee

(Deleted comment)
hye! new reader i see..thnx for taking time reading it! love ya

UWAHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!! UNNIE!!!!!!!!!!!
I'm blushing hardly when read this...
especially THIS :
he smudges the cake onto his hole and sprays whipped cream on to it to. He moves closer to his husband and then he raises himself higher making his stuffed hole on top of his husband face that is sitting on the bed, handcuffed.
but open again to conti sooooo (I don't know how to say it...bcuz it embressing...)

and I luv this....
“Now I know why I still feel so hot. You still inside of me aren’t you. Can you take it out?”

“No can do!”

“Why????!” he pouted and frowned

“Ermm! Well, I am hard again and I think it is my turn to return the pleasure. I am thinking 10 rounds. “

SARANGHAE-UNNIE, and update ur other fics too....

owhhhhhhhhhhhhh! hye baby! thnx for reading and! this is ur first long comments! hehehe

ohh! u missed my other fics is it? well it ry but i decided to make a lot of christmas gifts fic first until new year..but if u can, which one u want first?

(Deleted comment)
new reader is it???yeay!

wah! no ur not! i like honest comment! well, i am sincerely sorry if i had bad grammar because i wrote it in 1 am and in one hour..i imprve it ok? hehehe

anyway! thnx for at reading and most of all ya bb!

Monkey and fishy date ---> LOL
Both of them are so pervert XD *but so do i* XDD

hey unnie! missed u!

yeay! we are all perverts!lol

UNNIE~ <3 <3 !!!!
oh my! the part "eat HAE'S hole" makes me go crazy!
PERV COUPLE! i like perv cple! :D
LOVE YOU <3 !!!!!!!!!

hey bb!

thnx bb! love ya moreeeeeeeee!

(Deleted comment)
hye hunnie!

well, it is the original pairing...its ok! i love u no matter what u choose! welcome! love yaaaaaaaaa

10 rounds? now that's COOL! ^^

thx for sharing beb <3

welcome! and where on earth did u dissapear too? love ya

10 rounds? ohmy asdfghjklkjhgfds! is hyuk serious?
somebody needs to buy those two a new bed. pronto! that poor poor bed!
i'm pretty sure it's gonna break anytime soon lol!
not that i'm saying those two should stop screwing each other :D

hehehe! yup! no! they need steel

heheheh! love ya unnie very much! thnx fr reading

(Deleted comment)
lol! thnkx bb! chinja! hehehehhe! lol..rimming? u knw that term..hahaha...anyway! thnx bb for living it! ya more bb!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

kinky hae and horny hyuk.
cant imagine hae with thin transparent shirt and speedo pant. omg that will be hella hot!

hehehe! thnx for reading! love ya

*glup* oh wow O.O
Hae.. u are so~ *blushing madly*
kinky is THE BEST!!!

u did great!

love ya bb! thnx for dropping by!


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