MY SPOT!!!!^^

I'll comment after dinner
Love you~


HAE is so kinky!!! O/////O
and STRAWBERRY instead of lube??? O_O
OMG~ *faints*

And OMG~
10 rounds??? O_O
Poor Donghae.. he will feel so sore tomorrow!!
And hyukkie is such a perv.. he's monkey is awake!!^^

They're are such an ADORABLE married couple!!!
But they're both PERVERTS!!! XDDDD

Thanks soooooo much bb~ for dedicating this fic to me!!
I love you~
Thanks my bff!! ♥
oh yeah... Love you THE most!!

*huuuuugs you and gives you lots of kisses*
Sherry = awesome writer!!!

omg omg omg OMMGGG SHERRY-CHAN! THIS IS SO KINKY! LOLOL. And you only wrote it in a hour?! Why so nervous?! IT WAS AWESOME! :DDDDDDD

But my monkey is awake! And it is eager to met your fishy together with its friend, the tight forever virgin sucking hole”

“Hyuk! Stop the nonsense or you will sleep on the couch tonight and your monkey will not be going on a date with his fish!”

LOLLLLL at that part! The lil monkey and fishy are SOOOOoo wide awake!!!!

OMG OMG Strawberry and whipped cream?! LMAO Sherry-chan, you have such creative imagination! XDDD

And I can't believe I was chatting with you while you were writing THIS! XDDD

Strawberry.. Strawberryyyy...
Strawberry in everywhere... Even at hae's hole.. *drools*
Damn.. I want strawberry cake now.. >.<

Omoooo.. Idk that whipped cream will be more interisting when Hae using that..
Haeeee.. Can I lick u too??? Omoo.. My pervy mind.. Nooo.. Its not good..
Whoaaaa!! Why I feel this's mooore hot that before... *I love kinky!Hae*

Thanks for this Babbyyyy!!! U know ur the awesome writer now!!
And I'm so proud of u!!! >.<
Keep Hwaiting baby..
Will be waiting for next gift..
☆*:.。. o(≧▽≦)o .。.:*☆

Sherbear~ okay i love this, its so dirty. Kyaaa and it even has cake *blushes* you are seriously too good at writing smut. i love you <3

hehehe! hye unnie! wow! chinja? *blushes* thanks! love ya moreeeeeeeeee

(Deleted comment)
hye! new reader i see..thnx for taking time reading it! love ya

UWAHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!! UNNIE!!!!!!!!!!!
I'm blushing hardly when read this...
especially THIS :
he smudges the cake onto his hole and sprays whipped cream on to it to. He moves closer to his husband and then he raises himself higher making his stuffed hole on top of his husband face that is sitting on the bed, handcuffed.
but open again to conti sooooo (I don't know how to say it...bcuz it embressing...)

and I luv this....
“Now I know why I still feel so hot. You still inside of me aren’t you. Can you take it out?”

“No can do!”

“Why????!” he pouted and frowned

“Ermm! Well, I am hard again and I think it is my turn to return the pleasure. I am thinking 10 rounds. “

SARANGHAE-UNNIE, and update ur other fics too....

owhhhhhhhhhhhhh! hye baby! thnx for reading and! this is ur first long comments! hehehe

ohh! u missed my other fics is it? well it ry but i decided to make a lot of christmas gifts fic first until new year..but if u can, which one u want first?

(Deleted comment)
new reader is it???yeay!

wah! no ur not! i like honest comment! well, i am sincerely sorry if i had bad grammar because i wrote it in 1 am and in one hour..i imprve it ok? hehehe

anyway! thnx for at reading and most of all ya bb!

Monkey and fishy date ---> LOL
Both of them are so pervert XD *but so do i* XDD

hey unnie! missed u!

yeay! we are all perverts!lol

UNNIE~ <3 <3 !!!!
oh my! the part "eat HAE'S hole" makes me go crazy!
PERV COUPLE! i like perv cple! :D
LOVE YOU <3 !!!!!!!!!

hey bb!

thnx bb! love ya moreeeeeeeee!

(Deleted comment)
hye hunnie!

well, it is the original pairing...its ok! i love u no matter what u choose! welcome! love yaaaaaaaaa

10 rounds? now that's COOL! ^^

thx for sharing beb <3

welcome! and where on earth did u dissapear too? love ya

10 rounds? ohmy asdfghjklkjhgfds! is hyuk serious?
somebody needs to buy those two a new bed. pronto! that poor poor bed!
i'm pretty sure it's gonna break anytime soon lol!
not that i'm saying those two should stop screwing each other :D

hehehe! yup! no! they need steel

heheheh! love ya unnie very much! thnx fr reading

(Deleted comment)
lol! thnkx bb! chinja! hehehehhe! lol..rimming? u knw that term..hahaha...anyway! thnx bb for living it! ya more bb!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

kinky hae and horny hyuk.
cant imagine hae with thin transparent shirt and speedo pant. omg that will be hella hot!

hehehe! thnx for reading! love ya

*glup* oh wow O.O
Hae.. u are so~ *blushing madly*
kinky is THE BEST!!!

u did great!

love ya bb! thnx for dropping by!

(Deleted comment)
thnx bb!!!!!!!!!! love yaaaaaaaaa!

WAE~ kyaaaaa~!!! I love this one whew so HOT!!! ><
I l♥ve kinky wifey~

you're so great dongsaengie~ ^^ I LOVE YOU~!!!!

lol! thnx unnie! missed u! where did u go to! love yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

u know how I feel when I read your fic neh? *blush*

Hyukhae.smut always is the best xD

& you're the writer on earth <33333

I love Hae in that fic~ so sexy *blush & nosebleed so hard*

Hae's a gift that Eunhyuk always love & want to give on Christmas
*I want it too~~~~~*

thanks so much bb:)

Never enough to say that I LOVE U SO MUCH <3333333333

Do you love me too?
*keke~ I know you always as I love you*

awwwwwwwwwwwww!thnx bb!
i am touched and proud to be ur best writer! come and hug me now!

lol! theyre are hot in any fic

love ya moreeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! too baby!

AWESOME!! Hae is alwayssss doing such things, Tskk.
What a nice Christmas for the both of them ^^

hehehe!thnx for reading !love ya

definitely not a fail...
kinky eunhae couple is the best! their imaginations go wild when they're together! hehehe...
thanks for sharing this one! ;p

thnx !!!!!!!!!!!
yup! kinky and horny ya

Strawberry cake-lube
I love it *facepalm*

And and Slut!Hae is the BEST~~~ I love when he tries to tease his hubby <33
10 rounds <3, I'm not gonna pity for him, that's his fault to make Hyukjae hotny *LOL*

And the last thing, I LOVE YOU SO MUCH BB <3 Merry belated Christmas xD

hey! u see! thats not so hard is it??hehehe

thnx for making a effort bb! i love you so much for that!


love ya too! and merry belated christmas and advance new year to you!

these two had a very good Christmas...and a very long night indeed...

~blushes~ why did it get hot in here all of a sudden ~blushes~

sexy hae is sexy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

hyuk you lucky man to have that as your desert and gift

thanks for this gift honey......take care...... it was awesome.....

yeay! the best christmas! lol! horny couple! love them! anyway! thnx unnie! love ya so so so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hae is so so HOT here!!
i really love SMUT part
“Lick it baby! Eat my hole and the strawberry! Your two most favorite food to devour”<< i like this so much <3

10 rounds!!!!!!poor hae T__T

Thank you for the fic<3
Happy new year honey^^

awwwwwww! thnx bb! love ya ! happy new year too!

sherry dear~
finally... ^^

ooh i love how u described hae's preparations at the start of the really set the mood right ^^

ooh.. hyuk so horney *giggles*
i love how hae could be such a tease...
of course only for his monkey ^^

ooh.. hot smut.. love it dear..

kinky hyuk and slutty hae... FTW <3333

awwwwwwwwwwwww! thnx unnie! hehehe! love yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaatoo

hahaha... i just love EunHae kinky sex~
i find it so entertaining and anything can happen XD
and its so much kinkier when food is involved in the 'hole' thing LOL i made a pun:D
plus having hyuk as some sort of pervy husband who can't wait to get some of hae was pure genius<3
love you so much! for the like baby! love youuuuuuuuu


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